A Classic Title with a Modern Take on It

Players Who Long for the “Good Old Days” When Slot Machines Were Actual Machines with Mechanical Moving Parts Will appreciate the Latest Release from Yggdrasil Gaming Niagara Falls Online Slot Players who long for the “good old days” when slot machines were actual machines with mechanical moving parts will appreciate the latest release from Yggdrasil Gaming. The new game is called Niagara Falls, and it does an excellent job of reproducing the sensation of playing a fruit machine from the 1930s while still featuring some very modern features. The game does a truly wonderful job of recreating the experience of playing a fruit machine from the 1930s.

The name of this five-reel fruit machine, which is inspired by a waterfall that is known all over the world, is Niagara Falls. The symbols have all been made to resemble like they were initially conceived in the 1930s. As a result, they contain not only the classic cherries, grapes, oranges, bells, 7s, and BARs, but also a logo for Niagara Falls, a whiskey barrel Bonus, and a golden coin that appears on the fifth reel.

The game has mechanical sound effects that accompany the spinning of the reels, and the reels themselves have a tiny bouncing motion when they come to a stop. Overall, the game has the feel of a true vintage machine. Traditional ragtime music is playing in the background, which helps to accentuate the 1930s mood even further, and if you have ever played an old machine, you will appreciate just how wonderful of a job the designers have done here in recreating the experience you would get from playing an old machine.

Free Spins, as well as a Coin Drop Bonus

It is necessary to have three whiskey barrel symbols appear on the wheels at the same moment in order to activate the Free Spins Bonus round. This bonus round provides you with wild reels that are fixed in place, increasing the likelihood that you will win larger prizes more frequently. If you land a coin symbol on the fifth reel, you’ll trigger the Coin Drop phase of the game. This will cause a coin to be released at the top of the screen, and based on how the coin navigates a series of pins in the reels, you will be given the opportunity to win a prize at the bottom of the screen. Some examples of prizes include multipliers and stacked spins.

Bonus Cash Fall Offer

Given that Niagara Falls is based on a well-known waterfall, it would be surprising if the film made use of the fact that it is named after the waterfall for any of its plot elements. Thankfully, the game allows you to do precisely that, and when you activate the Cash Fall Bonus (which can occur on any spin of the reels), coins will rain down from above to increase your chances of winning rewards.

Take a Trip Through the Past!

There are a lot of games that are considered to be “retro,” but Niagara Falls is considered to be one of the greatest in terms of providing players with a genuine “mechanical” gaming experience. Pay a visit to Casumo Casino to have a trip down memory lane and decide for yourself if this is the case.

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